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1975 DS 20 with Semi-Auto Transmission

Bought Aug 2013, Sold July 2015

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Often called "The ugliest car in the world"

(acquired June 2013)

I have been after one of these ever since I bought the AMI 8 for Rosie in May 2010.....

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AMI 6, 1967, 12 volt, M4 engine.

The last owner allegedly had it running in 2007 and it's been dry stored since.

I think all the panels are dented! And some have rot...

It needs work to the floors, sills and A-posts - fair bit of rot in the shell, but well saveable.

99.5%+ complete - probably the only things missing are a few bits of trim.
But everything's generally shabby, your typical barn find.

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Sept 9th 2013

At last I get to have a close look - YES it was purchased "unseen"

Well the car got moved - interesting "blue string" on both doors - holding them on as the "A" Pillars have both rotted through!

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Unfortunately, this AMI 6 will never hit the road again,

however the good news is that the engine and gearbox wll go into a "bijou"

and the rest will help to keep other AMI 6's on the road

I was somewhat suprised to discover that the person who had been looking
after this car sold it in 2020... and forgot to tell me!

Keep wathing this space for the next AMI 6!


Bagguette and Onions required for this acquisition....

(November 2012)

1969 VeloSolex 3800

No stopping me now...........bding, bding, bding, ding, ding, ding

Notice the handlebar mounted aluminium "Handbag Holder"!

With thanks to Mick Olley of Methly, Leeds who supplies these fantastic machines!
The bad news - I discovered that the cost of insurance for a 49cc moped
with a 15mph speed restrictor was over £120 per year I can't add it to the
"Multi Vehicle Policy" as it only has 2 wheels!



FXD 762

FXD 762

A 1939, Slough built, Right-Hand Drive, Light 15 Roadster.

Restored by Marcus Lasance over an 8 year period, and made it's 1st appearence in the Museum at the 75th "Anniversary of the Traction" Celebration which was held in Arras 10 - 13th July 2009.

I am reliably informed that there are only 16 of these pre-war, Slough built cars, in existance.


Click here to watch a short video (3 min) which was created by my eldest son, Nicholas, for his "half term" project, for Manchester School of Art in Autumn 2011

You can spot him in the video, he's the blonde 2 year old in the photograph!


New Hood fitted July 2015


NEC Classic Car Show November 2012

16th - 18th November 2012

(Click on Images to download Hi-Res version

Award winning TOC Stand (Best Medium Sized Stand - 2012)

FXD 762 with "edible" chevrons!


On Location In York November 2012

Taken down "Lord Mayor's Walk", in York, next to the famous "Bile Beans" mural which has recently been re-painted, funded by public subscription

(Click on Images to download Hi-Res version)


15th ICCCR - 9th-12th August, Harrogate, North Yorkshire

With friends from the German DS Club


Dashboard Restoration - Spring 2012

Sorry Marcus, but the varnish was begining to peel... so I made a visit to "Chapman & Cliff" for some TLC to be applied to the dashboard and door cappings..

and the results are astonishing..

FXD 762

FXD 762

FXD 762

Now, that's what I call TLC!

Having fitted the wood (notice the missing starter button!)
it's off to Technoclassica in Essen in May 2012 for the biggest Classic Car show in Europe!


The following photo's were taken at "Kinderdyke" when I collected the car in September 2011

FXD 762

Collection from Holland September 2011

FXD 762

FXD 762

FXD 762

FXD 762

Returning with 2 new bicycles! September 2011


The following pictures were taken around York one Sunday morning

FXD 762

Fossgate - October 2011

FXD 762

Fossgate, York - October 2011

FXD 762

Fossgate, York - October 2011

FXD 762

The Mansion House, York - October 2011


FXD 762

Stonegate/Petergate Junction, York - October 2011


FXD 762

Stonegate, York - October 2011


FXD 762

Shambles, York - October 2011

FXD 762

Shambles, York - October 2011

FXD 762

Kings Square, York - October 2011

FXD 762

Kings Square, York - October 2011

FXD 762

Kings Square, York - October 2011

FXD 762

Kings Square, York - October 2011

FXD 762

Kings Square, York - October 2011


Northumberland Rally - 2010

Marcus & Di arrive in Style

Does my "Bum look Big"?

Marcus & DI

Marcus & DI

Marcus & DI

For more pictures of the restoration visit marcus Lasance's Website: and select "My Roadster"

UFF 316

(a Paris Built 1961 CitroŽn DS 19)

As it was...

Photo's believed to have been taken in 2000



Before the re-spray July 2007






After the re-spray - July 2007

but no clutch (slave cylinder seized)!




Nicholas tries out the driving position (he got his provisional licence in October 06)


November 2007 

Nearly there....





December 2007 - Engine run-up

  May 2008


April 2009 - little progress due to working away from home!

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Click here to see the brochure!




August 2009 - Ready to go for an MoT....









Would you believe it! 50 Euro on E-Bay France - and it works!!!






Thiepval Memorial to the missing of WW1,
on the way home from the 75-4-75 event in Arras

Did it Pass? - YES!, after a lot of TLC from Billy Day!

More pictures to follow........

A new arrival.... May 2010

PWR650P - Rosie's 15th Birthday Present!

Such a pity that I have to look after it until Rosie gets her licence at 17!


1976 AMI 8

Owned by one family from new

Full service history


No welding, No structural rust

Oooh, what a behind!

At the 2010 CCC Northern Rally, Wetherby.

Dan Fletcher's AMI8 Convertible in the background

Vanessa (centre) and Rosie (owner of the AMI)

Only 2 years to wait before she gets a license to drive!


VDN 199

A Paris Built, 1949 Traction Avant "Legere"

Bought from Bryn Hughes and John Gillard in February 1987.

The car has underfone "light" restoration and retains most of it's original paintwork.

Th picture above was taken in 1988 and shopws the original number that was issued when the vehicle was imported to the UK in 1969. The Registration "VDN 199" was recovered from a Lambretta Li 150 which was stilen and never recovered in 1971. Thanks to Erik Aaron for giving me this nice York registration.

VDN 199 At the 2010 "Wartime Weekend" held every October at the North York Moors Railway which runs between Pickering and Whitby




Enamel Signs

A small selection of my collection....

Cornucopia discovered in Hull - originated from USA

Nice local sign

Early 1900's one of my first signs

Notice the resemblence to a younger Prince Charles?

"Makers to HM the King" Edward 7th - 1901 - 1910

Beautiful Art Deco styled sign from the 1930's (Double sided)

Found on a sweetshop in Ladybarn Lane, Manchester 1973

Left: "Makers to TM the King & Queen" and Maker to "HRH Prince of Wales" - (George V & Edward VIII - 1910 - 1936)

Right: Read the sign and demonstrate your age:

"1D Monsters" or "Penny Monsters"?



Petrol Pump "Globes" from the 1950's & 60's

Top Shelf - Bush TV

Middle Shelf - Rockola remote Selector Unit and some of the Michelin collection

1964 "Rock-Ola" model 430 from the USA - 100 Selections

Holds 50 x 7" vinyl disks


Click on the Pictures above to read the promotional "Flyer" dated 1965


1959 Bal-AMI "Super 40"

Holds 20x 7" Vinyl Singles, manufactured in the UK under licence from the AMI Corporation in the USA


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